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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by ntx78k5, Oct 3, 2005.

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    We always see threads about people complaining about customer service or lack of it. I wanted to take the time to put in a good word for one local Texas company.

    Harry's Auto and Truck in Grand Prairie, TX(Dallas) really took care of me last week. The week before I bought a 670 truck avaneger and had tons of problems with it. I called Holley at least 4 times and they were very helpful in providing info on where to go next and what to check. However once we determined it was a manufacturing flaw it would be 2-4 weeks turn around before getting the new carb from Holley.

    I called Harry's to ask if they would do a return and provide me with one in stock.(this is not their policy) Adam at Harry's who always helps got Harry to agree. I went in Friday afternoon no hassles and they took care of me. I try and use local companies when ever I can to support my local economy. I have no problem using Summit or Jegs but if the local guy is at the same price or less w/o shipping that just makes sence.

    If you are local to the Dallas market call Adam at Harry's, he has always been more than fair with me on pricing but this went above the call and their policy.

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