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    anyone know a online place to find used instrument cluster? I need a 1990-1991 instrument cluster. i dont have an odometer and i believe my fuel guage is bad. anyone also know how to tesy the guage and sending unit indepently? i replaced the sending unit a year ago so i dont think its that but I was wanting to make sure.

    ps. I know ebay, I was looking for a differant place.
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    I'd check out the parts wanted/for sale sections here, of course! :)

    First things first, make sure the ground wire at the frame is good for the sender. Sometimes they break/corrode at the sender, sometimes at the frame end.

    Watch the gauge (key on) while you disconnect the connector off of the fuel pump/sender wires near the tank. Then you need to ground the gauge wire, again watching the fuel gauge. The gauge should go past full, and empty, depending on whether grounded or open. If you don't get a change in gauge reading, you know it's not in the fuel tank or the wiring from the connector to the tank.

    There are a few things you can do once you determine the general location of the problem.

    Issue's been covered a few times before, not much different even with a '90/91, try a search for fuel or gas gauge problem, a couple have gone very in depth, and will help you figure out the problem.

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