half-doors' sealing and eventual replacement

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    i have a 74 blazer (full convertable hardtop) with the half doors. when i bought this truck the seals that went around where the window meets the rooftop were pretty ragged and i had some leaking at the bottom of the seal becasue it was missing the huge chunk of rubber that attaches to the cap. so i ordered new seals and put them on; BUT NOW there is a HUGE gap at the corner, where the window meets the top. (and when i say huge i mean aobut an inch) this is NOT a gap from the door not closing FAR enough its almost like the window is the wrong shape or something. i never had this problem before and ordered the correct seals from lmc truck. did i do something wrong, or am i jsut an idiot, or both. also, the doors are pretty shotty so i ordered new doors (which only come in whole doors, meaning i have to cut the top of them off to make a half door) but i have yet to put them on, i feel ill have the same problem wiht them though too sees how i never moved the old doors between the old molding and the new. any suggestions are welcome, or solutions:bow:

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