Happy New Years!! ....and a great new years junkyard score!

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by dhdescender, Dec 31, 2004.

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    After rounding up all the 205 T cases we could find at a local wreckers, we took one last trip around the lot to make sure we had everything. Found one F250 that we hadn't checked yet. Took a look-see under, no 205 case. :( So we're just leaning against a car, chillin, chattin BS'ing about our days load (about a dozen 205's), my bud jordan looks spaced staring at the truck. Looks back at me, then back at the truck, a bit of a funny look, some shock, and some puzzled. "Isn't that a High Pinion D60??" I look at him, back at the truck and immendiate dive my head into the wheelwell to see all the telltale signs that indeed we had found a D60 in a "Camper Special" F250 truck. I asked the yard owner how much he was looking to get for it, he said $500, so I low balled him with $400, but he didn't take. We came back the following day to pick the rest of the 205's up, and decided to take it. Apparently somone had came by earlier in the morning looking to get it, but left without saying it was sold....so we SNAKED IT.

    turned out to have 3.54 gears, from a '78. Bigass diff to say the least.

    Now for the 4 wheel steer project :D Highpin on the front or back? :whistle:

    Happy new years all, mine sure will be.


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