Hardtop/soft top/combo/cab curtain?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by 88K5Jimmy, Jun 28, 2005.

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    So I have been throwing the idea around of whether to run a soft top, cab curtain, hardtop, hardtop w/o windows, etc

    My first idea was to get a hardtop, chop off the front portion and get a cab curtain made. That would eliminate the rear seat and pretty much make my K5 have a functional bed and eliminate a lot of weight. Then I got to thinking how fun it is when people ride with me and started to think about how that cab curtain would eliminate my passenger fun. Then I thought about a traditional soft top. However, I can't bring myself to spend that much money on a soft top. So then I thought about a factory hard top with the windows taken out, switch to a p/u tailgate and leave the rear open with the seat still in and then make a cab curtain so when it rains I can still isolate myself from the elements. Then my passengers would still be covered if it started to rain.

    However, my main goal was to loose some weight out of the whole deal. So does anybody know how much an 88 hardtop weighs without the side windows? I already know how much weight I can save by switching to a p/u tailgate. Plus when I gut the back half of the truck (no carpet, side panels, etc) I will loose some weight.

    Also any pics of anything mentioned above is great. I have also seen the K5 on here that has a factory hardtop/soft top :waytogo:
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    sell the hard top and tail gate... install a cage, bikini top and some sort of tailgate net thing-a-majig and you'll have ditched weight, added protection for the passangers and maintained the super cool open-air feel. :cool1: If you have friends that can bend and/or weld, and you get some $ out of your factory stuff, you could come out of the ordeal cheaper than some softtops run. Especially the canback. :blush:


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