Heims Joints (SP)

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by primerk5, Oct 31, 2006.

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    What ones do you use and where did you get them. I need to make a new drag link for my truck and I want something more stout. Are heims joints greasable?? I dont want something to wear out. I do drive this junk on the roads.
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    Then IMHO you don't want SRE's/Heim Ends. The best of them will last maybe 3 years b4 the DW's set in, and less spendy ones may not even last a year. Those that have a grease zerk have no business being on a vehicle. The zerk is put in the worst possible place from a strength strand-point.
    Worse, there is no simple way to put them in double shear. Lots of people run them in single shear. To me that's asking for trouble. Not only is there the very real risk of the body popping off the ball once worn and then no steering, but the forces on the thru-bolt are really ugly.

    Use the TRE's like Parts Mike & others sell. They are greasable and are DESIGNED to be in single shear mounting. The whole point of the tapered stud is b/c of the single shear and the way the body & stud go together is far more secure from a pop-off failure.
    Yea, the tapered ream isn't cheap, but the cost of it will be paid back in the second set of quality SRE's that you'll have to buy to come anywhere close to the lifespan of one set of TRE's. For the ream search "Xkut" on the net or ebay.

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