hello everyone, new guy here w/ questions ( LONG )

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    howdy from kentucky. i have a 87 1500 longbed. i am currently swapping in a new motor due to the 288,000 hard miles, the 33's w/ 3.08s and basically because i want to. lol. i built a 383, 9.5:1, 446 lift cam, vortec heads, performer rpm and a 650 holley. it should make in the neighborhood of 325-350 hp and more importantly around 400-450 ft.lbs. the truck is stock now. it is my daily driver. i have purchased a dana 44 front and the matching f/f 14 bolt for the rear w/ a gov lock and 4.10s front and back. i also have a set of 16.5x12 eagle wheels w/ 35x14.5x16.5 boggers to go on it. i know the boggers aren't the hot setup for daily driving so i will get a set of bfg mud terrains 35x12.5x16.5s for daily driving duties. my question is...the only thing i am lacking now is a lift. i am in ky. so there aren't a lot of rocks around here, plus i have no big desire to wheel over them. that is what my 4-wheeler is for. with that being said, what should i do in the lift dept.? i would like to go 6" on the susp. i have heard good things about the superlift softride, but i am a former drag racer...i know nothing about this stuff. my truck rides like a loaded dumptruck right now. i would like a little bit smoother ride, but i want to be able to haul stuff too w/o the rear sagging. how much will i spend on a good lift kit w/ rear springs? what lift should i go with? what kinda problems will i encounter? will the driveshafts be fine? will i need stainless brakelines? will i need new driveshafts? these are the questions i know to ask, but i am sure there are many more that i don't even know of. as i said i am a former drag racer so this is all new to me, but i want to do it right the first time. i want a good, dependable truck that i am not afraid to wheel. we will mostly be trail riding, mudding, some water ( not high water ), and daily driving. if i had 400-450 ft. lbs of torque, are 4.10s enough w/ 35's and a 700r4? i do not want to have to swap gears, but i would rather do it before i put the new rear ends under it. is the dana 44 a good axel or should i look for a 60? i would love to have one, but i do not want to spend that much cake unless it is necessary. what kind of steering issues will i encounter? i know i will have to have a drop pitmas arm, but is there anything else? sorry for so many questions, but i am trying not to re-invent the wheel. that is what is on my mind now...but i am sure there will be other questions to follow.

    thanks so much in advance.

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    I had a stock motor and tranny and grears and my truck went fine with 35's but i wouldent put a built motor in front of a stock 700r4 it wont hold up.

    but yes i think 4.10's with 35's will be fine, i have 5.13's right now and it is wayy tooo much, i cant wait to get new tires:D
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    well, since i'm about to get into this stuff.. i'll spew what i think i've learned... :whistle:

    i would suggest some low springrate springs up front, maybe Tough Country E-Z rides.. pretty sure they have the lowest production springrate. without a winch up front they should do you good.

    from what i know, 6" your pretty much garaunteed to need shaft work.. 4 is usually ok, but not always.... outback i'd go with a shackleflip/spring combo...

    i'm planning on 6 or so total up front, 7 in back.. 1" bodylift. 4" EZ rides up front with 1" 0-rates. flip in the back for 4" and a 2" spring.. if the back sags later, i can add a zero rate. shackle flip with a flatter, stocker spring will give you the best ride out back.

    there are many custom spring apps too.. 56's outback as opposed to 52's.. longer springs up front.. the experts can fill ya in on that stuff if your interested.. not direct boltup stuff usually..

    not nescessary.. pretty sure theirs some Napa #'s floating around for longer front lines on the cheap.

    if your only going 35 you should be fine.. 4.10's might be a bit doggy... i'm planning on 4.56's for my 36's or 37's and 700r4..

    check out http://www.offroaddesign.com/ they have everything you'll need....

    btw, paragraphs would make that much easier to read. :wink1:

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