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Help an old man get a "thump, thump" stereo!!

Discussion in 'Audio' started by bablazer73, Feb 20, 2005.

  1. bablazer73

    bablazer73 1/2 ton status

    Apr 4, 2000
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    upstate ny
    The wifes 89 is in the shop getting paint. But I need to get a decent stereo in it for her. She wants a little "thump". I don't care much about having a crazy system. so waht can I do with it that won't break the bank. I don't want to put a big speaker box in it. We do use the truck for camping and need all the room.
    I was thinking of spending 4-500 max!! (cheap, I know!!) I have seen some decent kenwood units and JVC's for under 100.00. I figure some decent speakers up front. tweeters in the dash, and some 5" or 6" in the doors. But what about the rears? I had some 6x9 sony's in my 76. I mounted them in the rear panels, just below the rear ashtrays. But what about a bass system?? what should i use. I know NOTHING about it. What can/should I use? seperate amp? what speakers can I fit in the side panels? I figured I'de find something and mount them in the back of the panels where the stock rear speakers fit. what do you think?? Input please!!
  2. riggz

    riggz Registered Member

    Feb 9, 2005
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    Roswell, GA
    well it depends on what you've got to work with already and how much 'bump' you are looking to obtain. if you have nothing currently, id suggest a lower line kenwood or sony cd player, some coax speakers for the front and rear to be run off the head unit. then you could do something like a bass tube or 'all-in-one' sub/amp unit. that should keep you close to 500. Just keep in mind this wont really 'bump' but will give you some decent sound.
  3. Z3PR

    Z3PR Banned

    Mar 30, 2002
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    I sudjest a single DVC 12" Kicker L7 in a sealed box. You'll need a 750watt mono amp too get the full impact of the L7. Sounds good, and doesn't take up alot of space. Ebay is a good place too get them at a fair price. That should give you pleanty of THUMP. I'm a big fan of JVC and Clarion head units. Again, Ebay is a good place too shop for your car stereo needs.
  4. Resurrection_Joe

    Resurrection_Joe 1 ton status

    Jan 9, 2002
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    Gettysburg, SD
    Here's what I would put together, including a box and subwoofer I can sell you. I'll throw in some 6x9 boxes I have if you want the sub.

    Pioneer Head Unit - $130
    Profile 300 Watt Amp - $100
    Pioneer 305C Sub In Solid Small Truck Box - $120
    Pioneer 6x9 In Boxes - $50
    PROPER Wiring - $50

    $450 or so

    It will be only three channel, but you can spend $50 more and put some 6" in the door or something of the like

    You can mount the 6x9 boxes in front of the rear seat. I had some 8" MTX boxes in the same position.

    Pretty damn loud, good for rock and punk and etc. Won't really do the full range of heavy bass songs, but it'll still be plenty loud. In a truck it hurt my head, real bad.

    I can get you specifics if you PM me, model numbers and such
  5. Greg72

    Greg72 "Might As Well..." Staff Member Super Moderator

    Mar 5, 2001
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    444 Days to BB2018
    My take would be not to spend much on the rear speakers, and don't waste channels on a power amp driving them.

    The idea (for most people) is to have what is known as "Front Stage, Rear Fill"....which means that you have the majority of the sound coming from in front of the seating positions, and only a little bit of "ambient" sound coming from the rear.

    This does a couple of things. First, it saves you from buying 6x9s...since almost any speaker will work for rear fill....you don't need much power for them either, so use the built-in amp from the CD player to drive them. If you want to be really slick....use "bass blockers" or any built-in EQ capabilities to strip out low frequency information from those rear speakers. They'll sound better and give you a better "ambient" sound too.

    With the money you've now saved, you can spend a little more on the bass. If you want bass, you have to move AIR. So look at a decent sized speaker and a seperate amp. Moving big air, takes power....at least if you want it to be accurate. Unfortunately, physics being what it is.....this usually requires a decent sized enclosure too, so you need to figure out a way to tuck one into a side panel or in the rear footwell area (if you don't carry a lot of passengers) to still have your cargo space.

  6. Jonny-K5

    Jonny-K5 1/2 ton status

    May 27, 2003
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    first of all what kind of music do u listen to? if its mainly rock or country, you dont need alot of low frequency bass.
    6x9's can produce a decent low end sound if installed in a box. since you dont want a sub box wasting space in the back, and your limited budget, this might work out for you. i personally dont like the little 3.5's that go in the dash. i've bought nice ones and they still dont sound good. wasted my money. i also dont like cutting into my doors. if i was you this is what i'd do.
    1st, get a decent cd player. i bought my sony for around 150 to my door off ebay. but you can get one a little cheaper with less bells and whistles for closer to 100.
    next i'd get some components like these:
    u can mount these in the doors if you like. but i prefer them in the kickpanels. easier to install and better sound.
    http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=32818&item=5700191120&rd=1&ssPageName=WD1V $115 to your door

    then get some 6x9's like these
    http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=58029&item=5752470342&rd=1 105 to your door.
    get some MDF and build a box for them like in the second photo below. not a very good pic, but you can see they are on top of rear wheelwells. first pic is a shot of the kick panels. this will get you in the neighborood of 450-500. you can do it for alot cheaper if you go with 6.5 3ways in the doors.

    another option is to cut a hole in the driverside of the rear cargo area, where the 4x10s go. you can build a small box to fit inside this and put a 10-12" sub there. wont stick out into the cargo area much. but for the limited budget your not going to get a very strong sound coming from this setup. like i said alot depends on what kind of music you listen to.



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