(((HELP))) Brake troubles

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by sikZ28, Jul 31, 2006.

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    I am having trouble with the brakes on my wifes 96 S10 Blazer.

    1. The pedal is hard all the time, and when you press down on the pedal, there sounds like a vacuum leak from somewhere around the back of the engine maybe.

    2. When I pulled the vacuum hose from the booster with it running, the engine immediately revved redline and scared the wife (and me too)
    sh!tless. :eek1:

    3. I pulled the same hose from the booster a couple of hours after it was running and heard the "hiss" of vacuum being held.

    4. Damn thing tries to quit running after you stop (like at a red light)and give it gas to accelerate.

    5. Idles extremely rough.

    I thought that it was the booster, but would it hold a vacuum hours after it was running?

    Or could this be a screwed up EGR?

    I really need you guys' help. It is the vehicle my wife takes to work 35 miles one way and I worry about her safety. Any help is EXTREMELY appreciated.
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    Easy test. Break out a can of carb cleaner and spray it where you hear the leak/ around vacume lines and fittings. The rpms change when you find the leak. The engine rpms raise when you pull the booster line because there is sufficient fuel to feed the mixture. the booster could very well be bad(sounds like a good guess based on the symptoms)

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