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Help - I got a CB install problem

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by andhar, Oct 29, 2004.

  1. andhar

    andhar 1/2 ton status

    Jan 7, 2004
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    Newburgh NY
    YES I KNOW THIS ISNT THE CORRECT FORUM - Sorry But I am not a premy yet.

    Ok I bought a Uniden pc68xl and a 4ft FG antenna which I intend to mount on my Spare tire carrier. I also Bought a Mobile Antenna for my Scanner... which I Intend to mount in the same general area (does this pose interferance problems?).

    ALso I am installing the CB to the front side of the center console and trying to run the wire up under the carpet, now here is my main question.

    Should I run and inline fuse and hook directly to the battery is there a better way to install the radio?

    and How do I tune it for maximum range , no I don't have an SWR Meter nor do I know how to use one /forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif

    thanks guys.
  2. semper-k-five

    semper-k-five 1/2 ton status

    Aug 16, 2004
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    Tulsa, OK
    You can run an inline fuse if you like...I have the Uniden Bearcat and ran it to a 15 amp full time source on my fuse pannel...i'd have to get up under it to see which one i went to...On the tuning, you can either pick up a SWR meter from radio shack for about 10-15 bucks, or you can contact a local cb shop in ur area...I got my peaked and tuned for 30 bucks....For the guy to peak it, he has to tune it...so you might as well just do that...you get around 8 - 10 extra watts w/ the peak...

    On the interference factor w/ ur scanner, i wouldn't think that would be an issue....just watch the volume on ur scanner when ur chatin' on ur CB so you don't pick urself up and cause any possible feedback issues....
  3. diesel4me

    diesel4me 1 ton status Premium Member

    Jul 24, 2003
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    I have a CB and a police scanner in my plow truck--I have found if you want to listen to the CB,its best if the scanner is off--otherwise you'll hear the clicking of the scanner searching the channels in your CB,as the last post stated,you might hear yourself talking thru the scanner when you key up the mike on the CB--I'm not sure if this will damage the scanner,I usually shut mine off when using the CB,or you get a feedback howl through the scanner,much like a PA system does.
    I have an SWR meter-havent used it or the CB's much in the last ten years or so--I have a base that has single sideband and upper and lower channels that can reach across the country and many forigen countries without a linear.I'm not sure it evens works anymore,the base station antenna has lost the top section recently,so I cant even turn it on without the risk of damaging the CB if I key up the mike!.
    Its kida hard to explain over the net how to use an SWR meter,you will be better off if someone can show you in person--maybe radio shack in your area has someone who can actually answer a CB related question--ours doesnt--the CB craze has died off considerably since the onset of the cell phone--I found it very quiet on the CB channels last time I turned the one in my truck on--they are almost usable for reliable communication again!

    **Land sakes alive--it looks like we got us a covoy**
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