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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by wasted wages, Dec 9, 2004.

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    Here's the deal,,,I have taken my truck off the street and beginning to
    start on fabrication of the cage and other things to make it more trail friendly.

    The suspension has never worked "well" as 8" of lift makes for a stiff setup.
    I know that some of you run 52" springs up front,,but I don't really know why,,
    is it mostly for flex or tire clearance instead of zero rates.

    Without any fenders in the way,,should I try to make the 8" springs work or dump them for something with more flex and if so,, what springs would you suggest,,,The lift I have now is all springs,,no blocks,,no shackle flip,,I would like to run 44's

    I have taken off all of the body parts,,front clip,doors,tailgate,,,
    now comes the hard part,,should I mod the back half,,as in cutting the rear fenders or totally remove the back half and completely cage it. any info about the area behind the cab when the back has been sawed off would be helpful.
    so would any info of how the sliders are tied in at this same area would be good..may help make the choice to cut the bed off or not,, Pic's would be helpful.

    On the front,should I just cut the core support and leave the radiator in the same location or relocate it to the bed,,

    I have a smittybuilt cage in it now that I would like to build from,,,good idea or trash it and start from scratch ???

    so what are your opinions,,don't totally cut it up,,,or **** it,, go for broke

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