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HELP! Noisy 10 Bolt Rear

Discussion in '1973-1991 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by FightinTXag, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. FightinTXag

    FightinTXag 1/2 ton status

    Apr 11, 2006
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    Fort Worth, TX
    I noticed the rear end of my truck seemed noisy at speeds above 35. So I changed the rear wheel bearings and u-joints (along with the left axle shaft that was slightly bent causing a wobbly wheel). Problem didn't go away.

    When I put the truck on jackstands and drop it in gear the following happens:

    Right rear tire turns almost exclusively. Could be brakes not adjusted evenly or a warped drum (possibly a result of driving with the bent axle?). I'll check that by pulling off the wheel and drum on that side. I'm hoping it's not an issue with the junk yard axle shaft I got.

    A bunch of racket - especially when the speedo begins to read above 20, but in the garage with the truck door open I can barely hear it at 10+ (which is about idle). I can't tell if it's coming from the new right rear wheel bearing (doubtful) or the diff. Obviously it's not the left rear wheel bearing since the left rear wheel doesn't turn much. I don't really like the idea of crawling under the truck while it's in gear on jackstands to try to pinpoint the source of the noise.

    The sound is a metallic warbing roar. It gets louder with speed, and it is more noticable on deceleration. I don't know if that's just because the engine and exhaust noise are coming down and the rear end is still spinning at speed or if it's truly noisier when the gears aren't under load.

    The flat disk looking part of the pinion yoke wobbles as it spins. I don't know if just that disk part is bent or if it could be an indication that the pinion bearings are bad (or maybe both?). Is there a way to check the pinion bearings? Carrier bearings? Could the gears be meshing poorly causing noise?

    I guess if I've got to do anything that'll require setting up the gears (something I've never done), I'll go ahead and change both the carrier and pinion bearings while I'm in there. I hate to drain all that Mobil 1 gear oil though. Maybe I'll strain it and reuse it...
  2. benchseat4speed

    benchseat4speed 1/2 ton status Premium Member

    Jan 17, 2005
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    Golden, CO
    Do a search on 10 bolts, you'll come up with a thousand threads I'm sure so sift through them and try to find what you want.

    I helped my dad rebuild the 10 bolt in moms '89 K5 cause it was making noise. In that case it was the frontmost pinion bearing that failed. I'd look there first cause thats what I know. Take the driveshaft off and grab the yoke and try to work it back and forth. If it moves back and forth at all the bearing is bad or the yoke isn't tight. The noise could also be from the ring and pinion. Too much backlash will be noisy, and I bet too much/not enough bearing preload can do that to.

    If the little flange on the pinion yoke is bent, thats OK just as long as it isn't scraping the housing. Kevin
  3. tarussell

    tarussell 1/2 ton status

    Dec 28, 2002
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    Bagdad , FL
    At the very least you have pinion bearing that are dying quickly ! Inspect the carrier REAL closley if you tear into the rear end when re-bearing the whole thing. 10 bolts are not known for having strong carriers , it would be best to replace before there are problems that will take out fresh parts.

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