help-please read-time is of the essence!!!th-400 swap etc.

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    If your a k5 expert, help please

    I've got a 77 blazer 6 years ago, had 350/350/203/14bffr/44f.
    i took the engine and transmission out and did a conversion on a cj-7, it turned out great, except my truck sat in the woods for a year. Hope my father is happy bout his jeep.
    I just decided to get the blazer back on the road and its a sad story. I towed the truck to my girlfriends aunts house and its sittin in her garage(i live on a boat) and time is now counting down(annoyance factor is going up) i have to hurry. I found a 72 gmc class E motor home and it has a 14blt rear a good trans(2wd of course) and ... a good 350 v-8(i was hoping for a bb but it wasn't there). Anyways this thing was given to me and i will have the engine out and ready to go tomorrow.
    Right after the jeep conversion i ran across a th400 with the advance adapter shaft kit in it already and got it for a good price so i bought it knowing i have the 203 t-case i just rebuilt 5 months before(possibly also going for a doubler setup down the road). so thats problem A- The 27-spline output on the 400 fits the 27 input on the t-case, and i have no adapter plate.
    SO..... thats the situation, i need to know if anybody has something else that will work so it can just get out of the garage or more an adapter plate, linkage(mine got raided for the conversion), a dash bezel, and if anybody has done this swap has any hints, or problems they ran into, (i.e. driveline changes, linkage, etc.) i need as much info as possible to help with a smooth operation.
    I haven't been on the site for a while so.. i don't know who's reading lately.
    and if any body wants to trade anything or buy anything to make this a bit more strait forward that would be possible, i have the extra 14bolt and the 2wd trans and a 350 block and heads for sale too. Thanks, call me at 360-316-9595 or email me please, thanks.
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