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    I have a 76 gmc pickup 4wd. Im building a reverse 4 link for the rear. I have seen other vehicles use this design like Wally and Fox's buggy.For me it seems wise for me since Im not an engineer or anything and the uppers are a straight shot outside of the frame since thats where the leafs are already. Im going to reuse the forward leaf spring mount for the frame mount for the upper link. I purchased the trackbar plates from ORD so its going to be a straight shot. Anyways I have just been looking at what others have done and reading the 4 link article on 4wheeloffroad...Its based on the double triangulation 4 link, so im not sure if all of the instructions will pertain to me. I'm also curious to hear from those with the reverse 4link as to how the like its performance and it's set up.

    Also wondering about help with the 4link calculator I will post my specs. I figure things out the more i play with it im just not sure wether my antisquat is good or if my dimensions are correct as far as intersecting points. Such as when i put the upper link parallel some of the cells freak out and put in ####'s such as roll axis slope and angle and roll center..Any instructions will be much apppreciated.

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