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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by sandawgk5, Aug 27, 2006.

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    I was taking the bushings out of my 56s today to get ready to put them in the truck and I got to looking at them and 1 pack is about 3/4" lower than the other. I got them from the same truck are they this way from the factory to compensate for the fuel tank of pickup trucks? Will it actually cause my truck to ride lopsided? Help me out. I took them from 8 with overload to 6 with overload by removing leaf #3 and #6 from the top.

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    springs are saged out. it might have been overloaded at one time real bad on 1 side. or it could have had a broken leaf at one time and been driven a long time like this and then repaired. in that case it would sag the spring a bit to. if you want to you could try and rearch the packs to match. but not realy worth it.

    i installed a used set of 4" springs in my frt end. about 3/4 sag on 1 more than other. looks o.k. to me. i would install them first. then worst case cut a old removed leaf down to make a spacer leaf like a zero rate and bolt it in to the bottom of the pack.

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