Hey guys...could use some help...a few questions

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    I have an 87 Half ton truck. 10 bolts front and rear...stock. I have installed my new alum. headed 383 and make about 150 hp. more than the last motor and the old tranny doesn't like it. Go figure.

    Anyways...I bought 3/4 ton rear ends with a gov. lock and 4.10s to swap in the truck for $450.00. I was planning on doing this until I bought a M1008 last week.

    I have heard that 1 ton trucks are different slightly. I know that you have to move the spring perches or something on the back to fit on a 1/2-3/4 ton frame. Which way do you have to move them...to the inside towards the driveshaft or to the outside of the truck? Do you have to move the shock mounts as well?

    Is there anything else different that I need to know about before I start swapping everything over? I bought a lift for my truck as well ( a Superlift 6" spring all the way around ) Will everything be a direct bolt in besides moving some stuff around on the rear axel?

    I also plan on using the 400 from the m1008. since my 700 is all but toast, I figured it would be a good upgrade. Are the bellhousings the same or will the 400 have a different pattern. Someone told me that the 6.2s had a pontiac/oldsmobuick pattern on them?????

    This is a daily driven truck. It is my only means of transportation as of now. It will have the standard 4.56s w/ lockers and 35s w/ no overdrive. It will have a lot stronger tranny, but am I wrong in giving up the OD? I will be offroading it as much as possible, but 95% of the time it will be in town and on the highway. I do not do rock crawling and it will be mostly a trail/mud truck. I am not concerned with all the flexy stuff.

    One last question...As I said earlier, I bought a dana 44 front and a f/f 14 bolt rear to swap in. The rear has a gov lock and 4.10s in both ends. I paid $450.00 I am not sure the dana 44 has flat top knuckles, but I will try to get some pics tomorow. Can I get my $450.00 back out of them?
    I also will have my stock 10 bolts w/ 3.08s and warn hubs as soon as I swap the stuff. How much are those worth?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I am trying to get all of my ducks in a row and make this go as smoothly and quick as possible since this is my daily driver. I thank you all in advance and I will be selling those rear ends here directly if anyone wants them.


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    The easiest thing for the rear rather than moving spring perches and mounts would be to swap gear sets between the 3/4 and 1 ton rears. The pinion is in a carrier that unbolts so it will not have to be set up you can just bolt it to the 3/4 ton housing and then just change out the center section. Since the 14FF uses adjustable collars vice shims to adjust backlash it should set up a lot quicker than cuting and re-welding perches and shock mounts. And the front will just bolt right in.
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    The 6.2L uses the Chev pattern for the trans, so yes, any chev transmission (our vintage) will work on it.

    Misguided individuals for some reason unbeknownst to me still insist on believing the 5.7L and 6.2L diesel are the same animal. :confused:

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