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high angle drive lines

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by sledheadak, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. sledheadak

    sledheadak 1/2 ton status GMOTM Winner

    Apr 29, 2005
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    i just lifted my 84 jimmy 8" and thecv joint at the tcase on my front drive lines is going to bind.what deg of cv joint do i need to be able to keep it from binding?i can get a 37 deg cv here in town will thatbe enough? or do i need to order a shaft from out of state? i live in alaska so shipping will suck. thanks
  2. onetonbb74

    onetonbb74 1/2 ton status Premium Member

    Dec 1, 2005
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    Morgan Hill, CA
    call jess at high angle driveline (under vendors) or just grind the cv like i did to make it clear where it binds. If it has to work immediately thats what i would do but if you have time, just call HADL and they will make you a custom driveline with the angle provisions you need but im sure its coin.

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