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Discussion in 'The Injection Section' started by PeteH, Jul 22, 2006.

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    my fuel pressure WAS fine...but then I had probs with my intake leaking(replaced it) and now the fuel press if screwy.
    with key in the on position not running pressure goes to around 40(which is ok)
    with engine running and vac line disconnected it is at 60psi.
    (no fuel in vac line either)
    with aldl hooked up to lap top it reads... (intergrator) that i'm well (rich)below 128 then i pick up speed and it starts to go up all the way to 145(lean).

    regulator is new and i already blew through the return line to see if there were any clogs(i could easily blow through it with the compressed air at 45psi)
    and i dont see any kinks
    my fuel pressure guage is new also. its on my rail right now.
    fuel pump new.
    regulator new.
    what the heck is wrong???

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