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    I am working on some new stuff for my '45 chevy. Mainly swapping in a d60 front with 5.13 gears. I have the front and might be ordering gears if my idea of using an ho72 with 5.13s shows any merit. I know of a guy that has 2 of these diffs in his salvage yard and sells them for dirt cheap.

    anyway here is my questions

    What type of truck do I need to find to get the correct axle from (dually, single wheel, cab chasis and years)

    will the disc brake brackets for a 14 bolt work for the type above?

    If I cannot find one with a no spin and use a 14 bolt detroit what axle do I need to rob shafts from?

    Is there anything else I need to know?
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    the 72 axle is under the 1 tons

    dually and single both,

    as far as the carrier goes its all models, doesnt matter, chevy, gmc, pickup, burb, longhorn, nine foot step, stakebed, C and C all the same, 30 and 3500 series

    47-72 years

    the 52 is under the 3/4 tons same years

    i dont like these axles because they have a pinion bearing burning up issue commonly, and brake parts are $$$$$$$$$$$

    the axle widths followed the same rules as the 14 bolts, dually vs. single and pickup vs C and C, etc

    although were no dually pickups

    good luck
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    I would assume that you would need to look for a C/K 20/30 pick up that is SRW ( if a 30 series ) to get the width that works well with your D60 front end ( although a slightly wider one would not hurt if offered ). PM U2SLOW if he does not see this and respond - he could tell you what color shirt the guy that made the axle was wearing when it was being built.

    Do not avoid the HO52's because they are basically a HO72 but with no ring gear load bolt ( this may not be on all HO72's I am not sure ) and they only have two pinion gears riding on a single cross shaft where as the HO72's have four pinion gears riding on a four point cross shaft.
    Since you are going to put a 14FF D/L in it the cross shaft wont matter if it is a HO52.
    The 14FF shaft that you will need should be the 1973 to 1991 SRW solid axle trucks either 3/4 or 1-ton and if I am not mistaken the Cab Chassis narrow dually shaft are the same length as well. The shaft will need to be slightly cut down but nothing scary from what I have read.

    The 14FF disc brake brackets should work with the backing plate flange and WMS location of the hub's of the HO72's but don't take my word on that - this is jusr what I have read not what I have seen for myself .


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