Holland needs help on 4-link rear suspension on Suz

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by RogerSuzuki, Jun 2, 2006.

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    I like to modify my Suzuki 413 rear suspension from leaf into coil spring.
    I use the Suz only off-road for trailing.
    From Greg did I received the ExcelCad file and have put in all the data.
    Greg advised me to put a message on the forum because he didn't had time right now to help me.
    So I hope somebody will help me, because as far as I know, here in the Netherlands is nobody who have experience with a 4-link suspension.

    I did a lot of measuring and putted into the ExcelCad file.
    To get every thing clear for my, I put it in a drawing file
    please check it out, it may that I put in the right info.

    the upper link separation axle, can be as small as you wish (need some space for the heims)
    the upper link frame point, can be closer to the axle.

    I have enlarged the wheelbase with 3,15 inch (included in the file) to get a better position for the driving shaft.

    The diff is off centre located on the axle 4,33 inch to the right

    If you send me a mail I will send you the excelcad file and the drawing.
    I can’t attach any file to this newsgroup

    Looking forward to any help.

    Ciao Roger
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