How to build a 76 3/4 ton burb

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by babyburb, Dec 7, 2006.

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    1H North of Dallas
    I thought it be intresting to see how you would build this truck.
    stock specs sb400, ft203, t350 or t400 (trying to figure it out on other thread) 14bff, d44, 16x8 with 285/75/16 pro comp muds, 12000# Mile Marker electric winch front

    -money not a factor (it really does but not for this)
    -need to be a good trailer hauler (what gears?) and like to mud
    -what accesories, upgrades, add ons, rebuilds, so on so on and so on.
    -no higher than 6 inch lift please, would like 38.5x 11 boggers for play (does it work to swap out tires between work and play with the same gears)

    Participate if you want.

    I promise that after Christmas I will pay my dues to become a full flegged CK5 brother. You guys are to supportive, informative and just plain cool not to!
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    CBBR could probably give you some good advice, he's a Burb guy.

    I know with 38" tires your looking at alloy front axles or a Dana 60 swap. Your probably going to need 4.56 gearing as well. At least one locker preferably in the rear axle.

    If you lift 4" or more you'll need longer brake lines, a raised steering arm, and some driveshaft work unless your lucky.

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