Hydro steering input(long)

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by BLZN4FN, Jun 12, 2005.

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    Ok so I have been fighting my hydro steering for about 3 months now
    and getting no where fast on this.

    I have the orbital valve,cooler,filter and lines all made and ready to go
    this was the easy part.

    So now the problem is the damm ram.
    A friend that has hydo on his rig told me to get a Cheif ram (specs are Bore-2.5 stroke 8 inches rod1.125) He told me just make some brackets and weld to the axle tube and the other end to your tie rod. So I held the ram up to the housing
    this ram is huge does not fit very well and when you turn the wheels the tie rod is going to hit the ram. So I went to two offroad builders in town and the both had a sh!t eating grin on there face so I ask WTF the both told me that that ram is way to big and slow I should have a 2.0 bore.

    Ok today I was out having a smoke and thought why not use High steer arms and put the tie rod above the springs. then goto M.O.O. and get a tie rod clamp and make two ears to mount the ram to. Then another CK5 person said mount the fixed end to the spring plate on the drivers side. I think this may work.

    Now for the question's
    what size ram are you using and where did you get it?

    On high steer arms do the need to be cut at an angle or can they be flat where the TRE mounts to?

    what do you think about mounting the fixed part of the ram to the Spring plate? I think this will work but then was thinking if I get the tires get into a bind and I turn the wheels will the ram just sheer the Ubolts that hold the springs to the axle and the aligning pin?

    Sorry for the long post I hope this make sence to someone
    Thanks for any input and pics would help

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    Mounting to the ubolt plate is a bad idea. I have seen pins shear due to this. Come see both of mine if you like. Maybe it will help you out. :grin:

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