I keep buying more tools...

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Pookster, Feb 3, 2007.

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    I think I have an addiction.. I cant stop myself from buying tools.:haha::haha:

    in the past 4 months, I have bought:

    Miller Synchowave 200 tig welder
    Lincoln Sp130 mig welder ( couldnt resist. It was 250 with a bottle, cart, and was in mint condition.)
    Jackson Halo X hood
    Drill press
    Skil Combo pack of sawzall, circular saw, jig saw, and drill 18v cordless

    I havent even had TIME to use everything. In fact, I only got to use my drill press the other day because I had to make some trimming to wire the miller up. The HALO X is excellent, much better than the miller auto dimmings, IMO. Stick welding with the miller is a breeze!

    I had to buy the lincoln, its the old SP130T, but this unit is in mint condition. Sure, full range control woulda been nice, but I got it for 250, with a full bottle, gauges, cart, 3 pairs of welding gloves, and another jackson helmet. And its 220V. Rumor has it online that the SP series were virtually the same and that the 130 has virtually the same internals of the 175... I'll have to try it out and see...

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