I Need Help with Electrical Problems in 95 S-10

Discussion in '1983-2005 S-Series models' started by mrjay40, Nov 5, 2004.

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    Nov 5, 2004
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    My 95 S-10 with a 4.3 is having charging problems. I've had the alternator checked, I've got continuity on all the wiring, a good ground, the starting system works fine. Still no juice!

    The only thing that may be related is that the instrument panal is also dead. I've checked the fuses, they've got power at the appropriate time. I've pulled the instrument panal and checked continuity to the IP connector, everything tests fine. I'm waiting on UPS to deliver a replacement panel.

    Would a bad IP kill the charging system? Is there some place else I should look? A better wiring diagram then what's in the Haines Manual would help!


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