i really really really need one of these please

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    i need the..um...having a brain fart here...lets call it the "climate control" switch...you know the switch that runs the ac. heater, cold and hot...
    not the blower speed switch but the temp switch.
    my truck is a 1982 k5..i have seen and found the switch for up to '81 and '83 and newer..but none for '82
    so i went to the dealer, and asked if they had one..nope
    i asked them to cross reference it, so perhaps i could get one from a different year out of a junk yard. and lo and behold..no other years will work for '82...seems '82 k5 was its own year, and only '82 will work in mine... :eek1:

    so please if you have one from a '82 let me know


    this is what i need..not the front with all thw words on it...but the switches
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    central IL
    i have a couple HVAC control panel assemblies, good used ones,

    i have an 81 one, same deal
    20 and mail ?

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