Ideas for my off-frame build this winter

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    I am planning a complete off-frame rebuild of my 72 K5 starting this winter.

    This rig will see only mild to moderate off-road conditions and is used primarily to tow trailers under 10K pounds and run the trails aound the area we hunt every year in central Idaho.

    Basically, I want to end up with a good looking, but functional vehicle for this usage.

    It already has a new GMPP 383HT and 3.73 gears on stock 16.5 x 10 wheels and suspension. A/C has been upgraded to VintageAir.

    My current thought is to seperate the body from the frame and completely strip the frame and do any fab, painting and re-assembly, while a body shop straightens and paints the body.

    Of course I plan to install some upgrades along the way and that is the point of the message. I would like some suggestions to accomplish the following:

    Seats, front and rear
    TH350 for a 4-speed auto and floor shifter
    TC 2 inch lift soft ride
    Wheels and tires
    Variable ratio steering box
    Steering column and wheel

    Roll cage
    Dual batteries
    Hidden winch ( I had an idea to mount it between the radiator and engine, as there is a lot of room there with the electric fans. )

    I plan to spend between 5k and 10k over the course of just under a year, to complete this.

    My task this summer to prepare for this endeavour is to setup a shop where I can work winter or summer, day or night. This will be a temporary structure.
    Also, to complete the planning and acquire whatever parts and material I will need at the start.

    So, given the above information, I am looking for ideas and suggestion to incorporate into this project.

    Thanks in advance for your time and insight.

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