i'm really dumb when it comes to wiring... question:

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by colbystephens, Nov 22, 2006.

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    i want to wire up a reverse light which comes on with a switch on my dash. similarly, i would like to do the same with a cab light. i don't want to use the stock units for either.

    how do i go about doing this? where do i run the wires to from the lights? - the fuse box? if so, where on the box do i run it to and how do i decide what size fuse to run? if not, how do i get power to the lights? how do i interrupt the circuit with the switch? How do i decide on a wire guage? really have no idea how to do this.

    thanks for the help!
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    ok... well lets start with the basics....

    if you took a wire... from your battery and hooked it up to the + side of a light... and took the - or other post and went to ground.. the light will turn on... so that is the basics...

    power to light and ground light... but that is constant on...

    so now you hook this power into the ign (ignition) part of your fuse box so it only comes on with the key.... ok we are getting closer...

    now a switch is like manually cutting that hot wire in 1/2 and touching the 2 ends together and seperating them to act as an open or closed circuit....

    sorry if I am explaining it at a really low level but you did say you have NO CLUE on what your doing so giving you the basics...

    so now that is easy...

    wire from ignition to switch
    other lead of switch to light
    ground light

    sometimes you can ground the light to the cab or a screw near by or you could run it back to under the dash (I have that ground junction that was in the old chevies so not sure about your truck....

    now you ask about gauge of wire.... well the important part is what kind of light are we talking? how many watts?
    if it is say a KC light.. you NEED to run a relay. A relay will allow you to run a high watt light and not burn up the switch hence not catching your truck on fire.....

    hopefully that will get you started....
    let us know what kind of lights you are going to use and we can go farther...

    however on your reverse lights..that is easy....
    follow my example of wiring up top to go to your reverse lights in the tail lights or to a external light that you are going to use in the back...

    p.s. my wife is a soccer mom and her 2005 trailblazer ext IS A TRUCK!!!! :haha:

    once out of warranty... body lift and 33's BABY!!! :bow:
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    I'll throw a little in here too for ya...

    Its all about amp draw... What you'll fuse or cicuit breaker it for AND wire gauge...

    I have an awesome chart at work, taped to my TOOLBOX :haha: that shows how to gauge wire according to amp draw and length..

    Took a quick peek around and didn't find any great charts, but this marine walkthrough one for trolling motors will give you the idea...


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