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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by PhoenixZorn, Jun 1, 2006.

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    What... did you all forget about the Midwest?? There are at least 2 public and 5 private offroad parks in Wisconsin alone... The McCaslin Pipeline, probably the most well known, hosts at least 2 garbage cleanups every year, which end up being 1 day of cleanup, then a whole day of wheeling... it's quite a blast... Of course, right next door, the McCaslin Mountain Campground has 3000 private acres of offroad trails... if you stay at the campground, you can ride the trails...

    There are many others, and while I still own a K5, I'd really like to host a "Blazer Bash-esque" type event in Wisconsin... preferably at the afore mentioned McCaslin Pipeline. There is also a dedicated OHV park in the works fro Wisconsin that is being sponsored by (The Wisconsin Off-Highway Vehicle Association) and the bill is going to be footed by the Wisconsin DNR... it could be open as soon as 2007 if everything goes as planned with the approvals.

    Get back to me if you are interested in doing something like this up nort' eh...

    Also, I just found out that there is a McCaslin Pipeline cleanup this weekend if anyone is interested... The thread can be seen here...

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