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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by red5033, Dec 8, 2004.

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    I recently purchaced an 85 k5 which was formerly a diesel. The previous owner swapped out the diesel for a 400 small block but left the wiring a mess. I discovered a wiring nightmare behind the instrument cluster when troubleshooting a short. It appears that the cluster was replaced with one from an earlier year, as it doesnt fit properly, the gauges havent worked right since I got it and hes got a homemad wiring job back there. Anyway, now Im attempting restore this mess and was wondering if anyone knew where I might get a wiring diagram of the instrument cluster and its harness. The harness that plugs into the cluster has about 18 wires to it which are numbered. I need to figure out what each of the wires goes to (1 -18). The hot wires are easy to determine, but the rest im clueless about. Does anyone know if a Chiltons or Haynes manual has a diagram detailing this harness / cluster or where I might find such a thing? Any help would be appreciated...

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    Haynes,Clymer,and Chilton all make wiring diagram books--you might try your local library,I found a chiltons wiring diagram book at one near me--they probably wont let it out of the library(its a reference book)but you can do what I did and photocopy the pages you need--bring lots of change for the copier machine....

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