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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by mikayak390, Nov 30, 2005.

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    So I saw this while searching for truck parts on ebay. My front springs are shot and I sometimes add a plow to the burban. This idea (I assume is on the rear) but if I welded it in multiple points and supported it well it could work up front. Yea I know really rough ride, and not great for climbing rocks, but as far as general saftey and steering what do you guys think? Should I put the crack pipe down and just buy a lift kit with better springs or go to a junk yard and get some coils cheap?

    ...... The image is not working for me.... so imagine if you will large plate over top of the leaf spring. Another plate welded to the top of the frame rail and triangular supports around it inside and outside the frame. (top support could be bolted to frame for those who don't want to weld to it)

    The coil spring is installed between the top leaf and the metal plate on the frame.

    End result is a very heavy duty suspension. Probably rides smooth as a brick, but I am thinking about it.
    So please remind me why this is a crack head idea that will end badly.


    helper coil spring over leaf.jpg
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    If your front springs are shot anyway then why would you cobble together a band-aid instead of just fixing the problem?

    If the front springs are stock it should be relatively easy to find a decent set in a junkyard. Or maybe just slap in an add-a-leaf, or an extra leaf out of a junkyard pack, or?????

    If you have lift springs, just a set of front springs are not that expensive.

    Just don't know why you would go to the trouble to make something like what's in the picture when there are so many other alternatives.
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    heavy duty leaf springs would be alot better. that set up looks too cheesy to me
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    hey...I did it!..

    I've used those clamp on coil springs they sell at parts stores on the rear on my 72 K5 and 74 K20..they come in 1000,1500,and 2000lb capacity..they can be adapted to the front springs with minor modification--a plate bolted to the "U" bolts,and a bit of tweaking to the bump stop brackets.(no need for that crude "C" channel!).They helped a lot on my trucks..and I left them in all the time,they actually ride decent--my truck had 9 leafs in the rear,and rode like dead axles,until I put the coil helpers in..easy to remove if you prefer to remove them though...

    My leaf springs were not junk,I just wanted more travel and bounce with the plow 8' plow is a bit heavy for a 3/4 ton truck..I think this poster is in the same boat..

    You can get full length leaf helpers too,but like an add a leaf,you'll have to take the U bolts off to install them..and put up with the stiff ride all year..

    I think air bags might be available now for the front as well as the rear..that would be the easiest and best solution don't want a lot of lift in a plow truck--I like to see my plow when I'm plowing.. :crazy:

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