is it blasphamy? a half fast update

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by original balzer, Jul 19, 2006.

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    well i made the choice to part out my K5 although my K5 dont look too bad from the outside the frame is in seriously bad shape i have found 3 bends most the rivits are loose theres 2 3" holes where the back shocks mounted and the area around the steering box is basicaly shattered it could all be fixed im sure but theres several other trucks around here (my yard) in better shape and in need of parts. the red diesel will end up being my toy the 6.2 died but theres a running 454 or a running 396 sittin in the garage the 208 in the red truck makes a good strainer with all the leaks so ill swap in the 205 i may use the d60 and 14bff out of the k5 in the red truck but either way my burb will get whatever (better than 10b) axles are left the burb is a dd and a glamor queen for the most part so ill probably use the sf14b out of the red truck and the front to match. the fenders and doors off the k5 will go on the red truck and most likely a flat bed. the camo truck is somehow still my favorite and will be babied as well i just bought a shell and carpet kit for it and the engine is in just needs the final little things to be running again. But with me any plan can change on a moments notice so we will see where i get from here.

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    Sounds like a whole lotta work -- But I find I am a sucker that way too, lol

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