IS this a good idea?

Discussion in 'The Injection Section' started by Txchevy18, Nov 22, 2006.

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    Ive been looking to get a tbi setup on my newly aquired k5. IT has a 91 caprice 350 swapped in an I would like to get the reliablity of efi out dealing with this freaking carb.

    Ok trade in question:
    ramsey 8000pe needs a relay and a new line (mine)

    A supposedly standalone tbi sytem thats complete. (his)
    What all is needed to do the swap?
    If there is a link to a list some where just post up found no luck
    when searching.

    Not really sure what this stuff is worth so im just trying to get a second opinion so i dont get screwed.

    Im already reading up to start trying m hand at chip burning just need the hardware now.

    SO what do yall think? Worth it or run?
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    Assuming the heads and cam on the Caprice engine havn't been changed, it is already set up for TBI. Simply swap the intake out, and drop the TBI setup on top, put an 02 sensor into the exhaust, and go to town with it!

    Having a stock TBI engine to put TBI onto results in a very smooth, clean running, reliable and powerful engine :)

    You will need to modify your K5's dash cluster to put in a SES light, and you'll need to put a TBI alternator onto your engine (requires an idiot light as well), along with a few minor interior wiring mods, but the bulk of the wiring is in the engine compartment, and is really quite simple.

    Check out for wiring diagrams on the `7747 ECM you'll want to be using :)

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