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    Ok, I have been cranking away on my rig for what seems like forever at a frantic pace to get it up, running, and moving. I replaced the TH 400 with a SM465 and have been waiting for that dang bracket that goes on the frame to hold the "Z Bar"...well it finally showed up and three bolts and a cotter pin later, the truck moved...made it almost two whole feet before power steering fluid started spraying everywhere, but the important thing is it moved! I have a few random quesitons for folks, but was so excited to see it move again I had to tell somebody. Thanks to all those on this site that provided me pictures, write ups, adn direction...If anybody is swapping in a SM465, please feel free to contact me as I just did it so it is very fresh in my mind...
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    SM 465
    Manual tranny
    clutch pedal

    1) What size diameter is a 14bolt rear axle? 4"?
    2) How high from the bottom of the axle to the top of the leaf pack perch?
    3) What size is the fitting on the end of the power steering pump hose that runs to the steering box? I know there are two a big one and a small one, I need the big one...

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