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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by dyeager535, Oct 11, 2004.

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    Well, if anyone had followed my saga, the TPI motor is back up and running.

    For those that didn't follow along, or forgot, I broke a factory rocker arm stud. (intake) Weird symptoms, but mainly the runner filled with fuel, since the injectors don't stop when the valve does, and it started smoking like crazy, due to the fact that it sucked oil past the rings on the intake stroke. (no air from valve, next source crank) Not to mention, when the runner filled up with fuel, it started being sucked into the other runners, and the O2 sensor saw that, and threw a code for overly rich mix. I think that was part of the non-descript odor out of the smokey exhaust at the time. Very odd at the time, as it didn't smell like coolant, oil OR fuel, and was white. Head gaskets both were fine when I pulled them, if you can tell visually when they leak.

    Pulled heads, had the studs pulled and holes tapped, ($150) and added ARP studs that I got for $35. New head gaskets (can't recall price) and it was ready to go. Gotta love the neoprene valve cover and intake gaskets used on the Vortec motors, I re-used both of them.

    Trucks been sitting for about two months. Hooked everything back up, left engine on TDC, attached the timing light to #1 plug wire, rotated distributor until timing light fired (0*) tightened distributor down, and cranked it over. Fired up on first attempt.

    Lots of smoke out the passenger side exhaust, but that was to be expected...oil had been dripping out of the exhaust connections on the side with the broken stud. That cleared up after it ran for a bit.

    Fans work, I timed how long the fan (only one comes on at a time unless it gets to 240*) takes to move the temp gauge, and from the mark before the red zone, to the middle mark it took about 40 seconds for the fan to cool the engine that much. Eventually I will hook the scanner up and watch the coolant temp, and give an exact account of the temperature swing, and the time it takes.

    Running a 195* t-stat, and the stock fan doesn't come on until 220*, so it's probably moving about 20* in 40 seconds. I think that is VERY efficient on a 9.2:1 355 with headers, 3 core radiator, and a single small electric fan. (dual fan setup, again, only one comes on at "normal" temps)
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    Glad to hear it worked out for you. /forums/images/graemlins/thumb.gif

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