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    Ok, so it wasn't really hard, but I've had this thing for over a year and I finally finished putting it together.

    Below is a list of new/rebuilt parts:
    Rebuilt Carb
    Rebuilt Front Forks
    New Renthal "O"-ring chian and Sprockets
    New Dunlop rear tire
    All new plastic and hardware
    New Ceet graphics kit

    While looking at numbers on the rack, I just happened to think of Dale, so I went with the proven #3

    The bike is done as far as I'm concerned minus putting on the new fork guards and front rotor platic...the 86 on the other hand has at least a 310 kit in store for it :D .

    97 CR250

    And here's one of my 86 250R--Just for my buddy Joe..."Ride RED"
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