JET Performance Chip for TBI

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    I have a 6-Pack chip for sale made by JET Performance.
    Part # 28814-6P

    I bought this chip about a year ago. I have since decided not to use it. It was never installed, and the package was only opened to decide a mounting spot for the control module, which was also never mounted. The anti-static bag the chip is in is unopened.

    Here is the JET description:

    This is an adjustable PROM, switched by a push of a button.
    • 0 - Security Mode - Disables fuel injection
    • 1 - Economy setting
    • 2 - Towing
    • 3 - Stage 1 performance
    • 4 - Stage 2 performance
    • 5 - Valet setting - Disables hard acceleration
    • 6 - Future Use - Defaulted to Economy setting
    This comes with a key lock. When the key is strait up, you can switch between settings. When the key is to the side, it automatically locks the PROM into security mode.

    I called JET to make sure I got the correct chip. This chip has the correct .bin file for GM PROM code AMUR. 1988 Chevrolet K-5 Blazer 350 TBI.

    I would guess it is for:
    • 350 cid
    • 700r4 automatic
    • TBI
    • EGR
    • AIR
    • Mechanical Speedometer
    • A/C
    The production code is stamped on the back of the factory PROM. Again, this is for production code AMUR. This unit will take place of the current PROM and access cover. The control module lead is a little over 3 feet long.

    I have a friend interested in purchasing, but he has not decided yet. Let me know if there is other interest out there. I have a few pictures, but I have not uploaded them yet.

    Asking $200 obo.
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