Just bought my first K5 Blazer

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Uzaree, May 3, 2007.

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    Sorry for the bad pictures, they were taken by my wifes camera.

    When I was a kid some of the best memories out 4 wheeling in Tennessee was in one of these old Blazers. Well at 30 years old I finally bought one. Well reall I got two... I traded some D44 axles for one and a tube chassis for another hehe. So I have an 84 K5 and a 76 K5. The engine is blown in the 84 but everything is running fine in the 76. I'm going to basicly add to this tech post each time I do something to it. I have a lot planned for the 84 so here's my list.

    remove cover
    clean inside
    replace kick plates
    swap engine (I have an LT1, a 454, and another 350 to choose from)
    tube doors
    tube bumpers
    roll cage
    lift for 37" boggers
    swap in new axles
    new seats

    These are in no particular order, but I did start with removing the cab and seats.

    So the first project I did only took me a few hours and that was tube doors. I sat down at the computer to draw up how I wanted my doors to look. I had a few main functions, I wanted somewhere to put my arm as an arm rest and I wanted it wide open for the most part so I could see. The secondary function is I wanted it to look good also.

    Here are a few pictures of it when I first got it to the shop.[​IMG]
    Here are a few after we start taking her apart.

    Thats my boy!

    Next I started on the tube doors! I've never made tube doors before on a blazer so I drew out the plates and skins on my CNC table. Just FYI the skins aren't really there for strength, just looks. I wanted to break the door up a bit. Also the holes in the skins have been dimple died.


    Here I am making sure it fits as an arm rest :D

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