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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by big dan, Jan 8, 2007.

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    well after trashing my dd/trail truck I decided to pick up another truck for my dd and use the smashed one for trail/competition duties. no pics yet but I picked up a 78 half ton 4x4 with a shortbed. d44/12b new 32x11.50s on white spoke rims, new body mounts, new spring bushings but no motor or tranny. paid $250 for it. already had a good tranny and transfer case at the house and the motor was the best part of my other truck so we swapped it in. for less then $300 Ive got a truck that is in 10 times better shape then the truck I put $6000 in. kinda disappointing but at least Ill have a good truck to drive plus an offroad only truck.

    here's the question though. we swapped the motor straight across without changing anything. it ran perfect in my old truck but now in the new one it idles rough and bogs down after about half throttle. pulls real strong till you get the pedal about halfway down then it wont pull very hard. Im thinking that it is a timing problem cause we pulled the distributor to keep from breaking it and while I had it out one of the guys helping said "hey watch this" as he turned the flywheel back and forth and I had to reset the timing. anybody got any suggestions? thanks.

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