Just scored a new(er) DD Burb

Discussion in '1936-Present Suburban' started by Codeman96, Apr 2, 2006.

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    I knew if I was patient that I would find what I wanted for a price I could afford. Long story short AN older gentlman that I used to work with passed away about 2 months ago and I didn't want to contact his wife too soon afterwards so I waited a while and I noticed that some of the things started disappearing from his house. I called to inquire about his '92 Burb and she said Yeah its for sale and I'll take $3000 dollars for it. :eek1: Knowing a bit of history behind it and how well he treated it made me want to run over there right then and pay her. I went Saturday morning and drove it/looked it over and confirmed just what I thought I would find. Other than a few minor things (the worst being the abs/ brake light on) it is in awesome shape, the interior is near perfect, third row, front rear air/heat etc. new tires, a/c serviced last spring. It does have 150K on it but they traveled quite a bit so most are highway miles and it was serviced on schedule. It has the tow package on it which is exactly what I wanted, and I can afford this one! LOL To top that off she said that her late husband would be very happy that I was the one that wound up with his truck made me glad that I called her. I'll post up some pics after I pick it up Tuesday. Now I need to sell my '84, anyone interested?

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