K5 and Sub. width including wheel offsets?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by jdemaris, Nov 6, 2006.

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    I've got a couple of K5 projects going - both to build small 4WD diesel-powered motorhomes. My question is about the various widths I am coming across - with older K5s, newer K5s, Suburbans etc. Much is caused by wheels with different offsets - but some axles differ also.
    For example - I have an 83 diesel 4WD K5 - and I want to beef up it weight-carrying capacity to install a Chalet pop-up camper. I plan on installing front and rear axles into it from a 89 GMC 3/4 Suburban (14 bolt SF rear).
    The original K5 axles and wheels - the 10 bolt front axle - when width is measure at the mouning faces for the 15" wheels - is 67 7/16" wide. And the stock wheels offset out 3 1/2" more on each side. So - the outside assembled track width is 73 7/16" wide.
    The Suburban 10 bolt front-axle - is 69 1/2" wide at the mounting faces and the original 16" wheels have a 3" offeset to the outside. So it has an assembled outside track width of 75 1/2".
    Also, the Suburban 14 bolt SF axle - assembled width is 73 1/2" wide - thus 2" narrower thant the front.
    So, it seems when the 3/4 ton axles are installed into the K5, width will be around 2" wider?
    And, looking at some of my older K5s - ca. 1978 - they have narrower track-widths - and I have not yet done any measuring. I can see though that the steel wheels on them have much less outside offset as do my newer K5s.
    So - my question is - does anyone have tables or specs. for OEM track widths over the years?
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    There are oddball widths like for Van's and Dually (C & C and with bed) however the majority of the different width breaks down like this:

    1/2 ton:

    Rear 65" WMS to WMS
    Front 67.5" WMS to WMS

    3/4 ton and One ton SRW:

    Rear 67"
    Front 69.5"

    The one oddball I can remember offhand is the Van width 14 bolt FF which is 70" WMS to WMS.


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