K5 Tailgate rebuild

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by GruntHunter, Dec 10, 2006.

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    OK, I've got the rust and cracks repaired and the tailgate all repainted and even a new window put in. BTW; it seems the only way they could get the window back in (after installing the new seals) was to slip the bottom window sash in and then slid the glass in and put it back together inside of the tail gate. Now I find I have two more issues to deal with.

    1) I can now open the tailgate with the window just partially down. Lockout switch not working or reinstalled properly? What should I look for? I know this will be an easy way to get a window broken (happened to my neighbor's Blazer)

    2) The glass guy says the side window guide tracks have all the felt worn out of them and need replacing (nice to find out after it's been put all back together) and making rubbing noise's when putting the window back up. Oh yeah, now with the new seals the window looks like it needs a little assistance to get it up. He says this is probably going to burn up the drive motor and I should look at replacing that also.

    I'm looking in the new LMC catalog (page 3) and their item #12 (38-6682 & 6683) Glass Channel W/Seal are $50 each, plus shipping.

    Do you have to replace the entire track or can you find replacement inserts for them?

    Can you replace those tracks without removing the glass again?
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    The side track felts are not sold seperatly anywhere I know of. The LMC ones here are actually pretty decent.
    The lockout switch, umm, your gate is probably power (not manual crank), so I think it's different than what I know. For the manual version, when the window is all the way down it pushes a little rest down about the last 1" or so,it has a rod attached to it, which goes to the center latch on the other end, and allows the latch to be released.
    I found putting the main outer seals in much easier after the window was in, or,like you said, you can't put the window in.

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