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Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by MontanaJohn, Dec 16, 2005.

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    I have an '86 K20 w/ sm465/np205/14 bolt FF/sm block/35" tires. It has an existing no-name 6" lift that I am replacing w/ a TC 3" lift(and will use 33"-34" tires). The truck has the original rear springs w/ 6" blocks, and the truck sits level. I want to use the original rear springs w/ the 4" shackle flip and rear 4.5" supershackles , and the ORD front shackles/ TC 3" frt lift kit. Will the truck be level w/ this setup? Also, I am installing a 454 BB. Can I get away w/ the soft ride frt springs? ORD mentions using 6" SuperShackles w/ 2.5" shackle flips for a net 4" lift......any comments on this type of setup. This truck will see 90% of its use on the street, w/ light duty forest roads travel. This truck is not for hardcore/rockcrawler type duty.

    Thanks for your time and insights. John
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    I think you'll want to start with the 2.5" shackle flip and see what happens from there. Typically a truck will sit a bit high in the rear to start with so the 3" front and 2.5" rear will probably work out well and if it doesn't, you can still add the longer shackles and/or a zero rate.
    For the front, you might get away with the EZride springs if you run a tall bumpstop, mine seem to be holding up OK on the sub with the 4.5" bumpstops even with the winch on it. It will sit a little lower but it's not as big a deal adding motor weight as it would be adding a winch and bumper.
    If you haven't seen it, check our "burly burb" in the custom rigs section of our site, it seems to be right in line with what you're after.

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