Looked at '93 6.5L TD pickup, decided to pass...

Discussion in '1982-Present GM Diesel' started by arveetek, Dec 21, 2004.

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    I looked at a '93 C2500 this evening. It's actually quite a nice looking truck. Extended cab, long bed, Silverado, 6.5L TD, 5 speed, new paint, decent interior, full power. I'm really not interested in another 2WD truck, though. But I would like the extended cab.

    Engine started great even though it was cold, sounds good, runs great, shifts smoothly, steering tight. Here's the kicker: 215,000 miles, owned by a car dealer, and he's used it the last year and a half to tow his car trailer. Gooseneck ball in the bed. You know this thing has been run hard and put up wet. No telling if it's the original motor or not, but I wouldn't be surprised. There's a lot of blow-by coming out of the oil filler cap, and even coming out past the dipstick.

    Here's why I looked at it though: he's only asking $3995! (Originally priced at $4995) Can't find 'em much cheaper than that. Oh well, I promised myself I wouldn't buy another truck unless it was 4WD.

    Every time I test drive a used truck, it always makes me appreciate my old '81, and at how well it drives and how tight it feels. You can tell right away if a truck has been taken care of and if it's in good shape or not.

    I do love my old 6.2L!


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