ly6 swap fuel pressure high

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    I have been driving my truck here and there to break in some of the parts and to find if anything else needs to be fixed. Right now my issue is that, when I am on the road going about 25-35mph and I somewhat floor it, it seems like it is trying to go but it just chugs and slows down. If I slowly accelerate it seems to be fine, even on a slight climb.

    When I put a pressure tester on the valve on the fuel rail and just turn the key on I get about 50-52psi. When I start the truck and let it idle I get about 64-68psi.

    I have changed the fuel filter/regulator thinking that was the problem, it is plumbed correctly. I also removed the fuel pump to check the strainer. One thing I noticed when I had the pump out was that the return line damn near touched the bottom of the tank so I trimmed it up about 1/8 inch. Prior to that my idle pressure was almost 80.

    Any ideas on what to try or test next???

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