Make Your Voice Heard About Proposed Forest Service Regulations

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    Jan 28, 2004
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    The public comment period has begun on the proposed regulations for OHV use on Forest Service land. Your voice needs to be heard so that these regulations can be improved to protect OHV access to public lands.

    How can your views have an impact? By sending well-planned and substantive comments to the Forest Service that address specific areas of concern to you. All written comments on the proposed OHV rules must be received by the Forest Service before September 13th .

    This public comment period on the proposed OHV regulations provides all responsible recreationists a wonderful opportunity to help shape policies governing OHV access to our national forests. Take time RIGHT NOW to write and submit your comments to the US Forest Service.

    Future generations of OHV riders will appreciate your efforts in keeping our national forests open to OHV recreation. Act now!

    If you want more information on the proposed regulations, click below.
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    May 27, 2004
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    Thank you for thinking ahead and trying to help protect us and future generations to come.

    Hopefully everyone will take a fraction of their time and submit a form.

    If everyone in this world would just police themselves; stuff like this would not even be an issue.

    "Pack it in, pack it out"

    "Tread Lightly"

    Once again, Thank you!

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