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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by jimmyjack, Jan 3, 2005.

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    Hey everyone! Haven't been around in a while, nice to be back. I'm looking at a throttle boby to install on my blazer. So far I'm looking at the TB, the intake, a wire harness and that's all ( so far). I gotta see what I can finagle the guy with.

    What else will I need? A computer or will the one over my glove box work? o2 sensor? knock sensor? New distributor? Oh, by the way it's an 83 blazer with an 88 350 motor. Carburated ( obviously)

    What is different between the throttle body and TPI. Do I need the same garbage to make it work? Or is the whole enchilada different?:crazy:
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    You should get almost everything you can from the donor , to save trouble later . You will need every sensor , wiring harness , computer . O2 sensor needs to be added to the exhaust as near the stock location as possible . You need a return line to the tank , but your 83 has one already where the stock mechanical pump will soon be removed . You need either the whole gas tank ( prefered ) or at least the pump and related pieces . Look around on here , was some posts last week or so on it .

    TPI is different from TBI in that its multiport with injectors for every cylinder and the intake is for air only , TBI has injectors spray into the intake so the intake is "wet" fuel and air .

    TPI runs better with better response , and more power , and while it looks cool , its harder to find now that its been one of the hot swaps ever since the first kid wrecked the one his mom bought him and a gearhead bought the junk . TBI will be more than enough to satisfy you :k5: :k5:

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