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Discussion in '1992-Present Chevy & GMC models' started by eightyone, Jun 21, 2005.

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    welp, i just bought my first automobile from the 90's...

    anyways, im new to this computer crap, and was wondering if swaping from an auto to manual is as easy as in the older trucks?

    im working with a 94 silverado 2500 6.5litre turbo diesle 4x4 with an automatic. im not a big fan of autos, but this was a a deal i could not refuse. so like i was sayin...i want to run a 6 speed, maybee an nv5600? not sure about bellhousings, and the transfer case? would it be easiest to find the whole setup out of one of these trucks? but i dont think they offered the 6 speed, maybee i will stick with a 5 speed if its easier and cheaper. now im ramblin... thanks for any help.
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    I really don't know, but i would guess that it wouldn't be that much harder than teh older trucks. Not much computer controlled on a manual tranny.

    I think the good swap to make for that truck is whatever was a factory option, i think it was the NV 4500, but not sure.

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