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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by 78Suburban, Aug 8, 2006.

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    I've been looking for some speakers to put in the burb. Probably going to get a new head unit as well, but I may stick with a tape player head unit, and get a tape player adapter, and use a diskman, simply because they cache the CD, basically making a temporary file, so there would have to be severe bumping for like a minute and a half to cause a skip...

    I'm gonna mount the head unit and speakers on the cieling of the burb. I want something that will get very loud, doesn't have to have quality, just volume. I've been thinking about some marine speakers, they would probably really hold up to the elements.

    Also thought about moutning some sort of horn type speaker like a PA speaker.. I want something that's gonna make noise over my TSL's.. It would be nice to have something loud enough people can hear it at the mud bog if I crank it up, also wanna be able to crank it up on some nights when I go camping with my buddies..

    ideas or suggestions on any speakers that would suit my application would be awesome.
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    wet or dry..

    I'd tend to reccomend the marine duty stuff if you plan on getting them wet,or driving with no top on..regular speakers last quite awhile even under adverse conditions,but UV rays and water can riun the cones and voice coils after awhile..the polypropelene coned speakers are much more impervious to water that normal speakers are..sunlight can warp the plastic cones though,if exposed too long ..I'd say use an enclosure ,rather than roof mount them..

    I would use 8" round speakers for the woofers,or perhaps 6x9" ones if space is limited..a speaker box or "tube"gives much better sound than one mounted in a kick panel,or side panel in my opinion,unless the original trim panel is replaced with one of thick enough plywood not to buzz and vibrate..a tube will give more bass than a rectangular or square one will..I've had both,tubes sound better in my opinion..but others can sound good too.

    I had a "tube" speaker in my van that was not much more than a pair of 8" woofers mounted on each end of an 10" sonotube ,28" long,they are normally used for pouring cement had a 2.5" bass port hole in the center..plywood "rings" to mount the speakers with ,screwed to the inner ends of the sonotube..carpeted for better had great bass,and two 2" horn tweeters mounted on the tubes near the ends gave great high note response..

    I used a 300 watt amp,and nothing fancy for a stereo--in fact,I used a cheap AM/FM CD player I bought for 30 bucks new for years in it,and I just wired the thing up to run off my ciggarete lighter plug,by putting its 12V wires on the "+" and "-"posts where the usual 6-8 "D" batteries would normally go!..:D it works tits!.--the amp was a flea market refugee,new one,but not a name brand or anything..I got a lot of compliments on its sound--no one believed that 30 dollar stereo was what was playing,until I'd shut it off!..I liked the fact I could take it with me,or lock it up in the locker if I didn't want it stolen...same with the speaker "tube"..

    Those big PA speakers you see at football stadiuims and other places are usually weird ones ,with high impedance,that need transformers and sometimes 70-110V line voltage and PA amps to make them work,so if you go looking for any,make sure they are 4-8 ohms impedance,or they wont work ,or will sound like crap..I used an external CB "horn" speaker for outside music a few times,but they are "tinny" and listening to them squawking can get annoying after a short time..:crazy:

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