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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by crash1369, Dec 22, 2005.

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    Dec 12, 2005
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    i just signed up yesterday for an official member ship and i cant post in the center of gravity forum, that seems to be the only problem im haveing, i havent seen anything else but i paid my money and im suposed to be able to have access to everything. anybody know what the problem is, what i should do. thanks
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    The new CoG...

    We are making some changes to the CoG. In the past there have been a few problems in getting this forum to run smoothly. The main problem has been confusion over what exactly should or should not be in this forum. This not only presented a problem for users, but also for moderation. There was also concern that the lack of ability to respond by non-members would limit feedback, and that concern resulted in several threads that belong in CoG being placed in the Garage. The changes are intended to address these issues.

    So, here is how it will work.

    The CoG will be closed for new threads. Quite simply, nobody will be able to create a new thread in the CoG. All new threads will be created in whatever other forum seems most suitable. Garage, year specific, diesel, whatever best suits the topic.

    Any thread, anywhere on the site, that shows characteristics that fit the existing CoG charter can be moved into the CoG. This eliminates the guess work when a user tries to decide whether a topic fits, and also eliminates the bad feelings that sometime surface when topics get moved out of the CoG. It may still be difficult for a moderator to know what belongs or not, but the moderator can now "err on the side of caution" without people feeling they were somehow slighted.

    Once a thread is in the CoG, anyone, member or not, can make replies. This should address the problem where people don't want their thread in the CoG due to lack of access to the non-members.

    So basically, the CoG will become something of a "Hard Core 4x4 Hall of Fame". Only the most technically advanced and "hard core" related will be found there, but anyone can participate in the thread once it is placed in the CoG.

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