Memorial Wheeling Pics

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by mikey_d05, Sep 5, 2005.

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    Hey, got time to open one of the recent Four Wheelers or Peterson's (can't remember which) and they had a couple of pages dedicated to memorial weekend in Dresser, WI. Unfortunately my graduation was that weekend so I couldn't go, but the website has tons of pics. A lot of them are poser shots on stumps and stupid stuff like that, but there are plenty of good ones in there. The website is:

    Some of my fellow club member's rides:





    The club president standing next to his buried Jeep:

    Steve blowing beads like usual:

    The TTC Fordzilla:

    Anyways, you get the idea, sorry about the dumb watermarks but they want you to order the pictures in prints. It was awesome in '04 and hopefully I'll actually get to wheel next year now that my truck is together and I won't be graduating again for another four years.

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